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Ambient Noise

The podcast that boosts your creativity, improves your focus and helps you work better by giving you one hour of different ambient background noise every week. Each episode features ambient sounds from different natural environments such as coffee shops, train stations, the woods or a library.

100% free from ads, music jingles and podcasts hosts talking – just pure, natural ambient noise.

When you’re buckling down to get through a hefty to-do list and need to concentrate and work efficiently just put on your headphones and immediately create a more relaxing and productive environment for yourself.

Having doubts if ambient noise really can help you be more produtive? Wikipedia puts it like this:

"Imagine a dark room where someone is turning a flashlight on and off. The light is very obvious and distracting. Now imagine that the room lights are turned on. The flashlight is still being turned on and off, but is no longer noticeable because it has been "masked". Sound masking is a similar process of covering a distracting sound with a more soothing or less intrusive sound."

Still not convinced that being a tiny bit distracted helps you be more creative? Why not check out a scientific study on it named "Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition"?